“Mriya” Agricultural Holding has ended the winter rape sowing for crop of the year 2016. Still to call it successful is even to say nothing. As the area of 20.6 thousand hectare reserved for this planting crop sowing in consequence hadn’t given the expected outcome. The large quantity of rape plant failed to grow. And this is not a surprising fact as the Agricultural Holding continues to work not just with infallible methods but also with the same technological equipment. “Mriya” tried to sow rape plant fields in Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi, Lviv and Rivne regions.

Furthermore the enterprise went through the similar issues when sowing the autumn corn for which it was reserved by “Mriya” the area three times larger this particular one.

But it seems that such similar difficulties with sowing emerged forthe company not just because of the abouve mentioned reasons. Victor Kukharchuk, the chief operating officer babbled out about one more problem, so he mentioned: “This year was the first time “Mriya” sowed the rape plant without traditional soil preparation according to technology of the minimum cultivation”.  That could be the reason which also played with “Mriya” a low-down trick.