“MRIYA” Agricultural Holding shocked everyone by its “expensive” tricks once again. This time the Company’s management decided to buy the next amusement item for to distract attention from machinations and falsifications where Agricultural Holding sink in. But still Victor Kukharchuk, the chief operating officer of the Company invented even two doubtful reasons for quadcopter purchasing.

“First and foremost to get information about the works being performed in the fields. Secondly and this is the main aim why we have made the purchase of remote-piloted vehicle is that with with its help we are going to teach making documentary movies on correct works organization in the fields”, – told Victor Kukharchuk.

According to chief operating officer it is unknown when the first video lessons for the Company workers are available. So we can just hope that the new managements hasn’t deceived us one more time.

It is worth mentioning that the quadcopter appliance is not economically worthy as every incorrectly executed operation costs for way less money.