“MRIYA TRADING” LLC Agricultural Holding trading company failed to pass international auditing on ISCC* program and to get the relevant certificate. The reason was unsatisfactory rape biomass grown by the Company. The document defined by EU countries and international community certified that above mentioned products was made in a way which afflicts damage to the environment in disregard of the social commitment. Such a negative factor is the result of inefficient management system as stated in the document.

ISCC certification would give the opportunity for “MRIYA Agricultural Holding” Company to stay the part of the biomass wholesale trade prospective market for the renewable sources energy carriers production, but however it was not meant to be. So that is not surprising as it is simply unknown for such enterprise as “Mriya” about the advanced methods of crops cultivation and land cultivation technologies, reasonable protection of natural resources (in particular water and air), reasonable fuel usage, efficient operation of all business processes and also a high level of corporate social responsibility.

Such results once again certified and confirmed the “Mriya” Agricultural Holding status as absolutely unreliable and unprofessional producer.

*ISCC is voluntary certification system satisfied by European Commission and developed in accordance with the requirements and for the performance of the 2009/28/EU Directive of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe dated April, 23, 2009 on contribution of energy usage from the renewable sources having the aim to increase the interest of biofuels utilization and greenhouse gases emissions reduction into the atmosphere as well as providing of ecologically responsible and sustainable production.