“MRIYA” Agricultural Holding unreasonably gave for the spring crops sowing enormously large area of 86.6 thousand hectares. The planned structure of sprig sowing of “Mriya” thins year the sunflower takes the first place with planned area for its sowing of 43 thousand hectares. But still the problem is that this plant is badly approved itself in the previous year when the Company planted it the first time so why the issue to increase the area for its sowing emerged is still unknown.

Also the Agricultural Holding will cultivate the spring barley for which the area of 11.3 thousand hectares are provided. Traditionally “MRIYA” will make sowing in greater volume compared to the previous years of the corn (approximately 9.5 thousand hectars) and soybeans (approximately 7.5 thousand hectares). The decision significantly increase the sowing area was not accepted by the companies despite experience of the previous years specifically drought weather condition and hot summer which had a very big influence on the yielding capacity of the planting crop. One more problem which “Mriya” faced with is that the part of winter rape sowings gave under October frosts. In estimated total the Company will lose the enormous amount of money in conjunction with the current events.

As Victor Kukharchuk, the chief operating officer of “MRIYA” Agricultural Holding reported, in case of favorable weather conditions the Company will have even little chances to get good harvest: firstly it is planned to sow the spring barley and rape plants, after that will be sowed the potatoes and later the sunflower, corn and the rest of planting crops.