Today, on September, 5, 2016 in Khorostkiv (Ternopil region) the investigators of the public prosecution service in Kyiv ailed to provide the security for ATE and the representatives of “Mriya” got the illegal access to the enterprise of another. But even this could not fulfill the needs of insatiable “dreamers” who started appeal such a decision of the Court and pose itself as a victim in press. So what is the worth for the statements of Sergiy Ignatovsky the Director of Legal Affairs of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding wherein he disfigures and exaggerates not just the very situation but also the Court’s decision.

“The investigators the second time failed to provide the Court’s decision abiding for inexplicable reasons. As European Company we operate for the limited purpose of the legal boundaries. But we faced with the situation when the control itself over the implementation of rights is not provided. The third month gone after the situation when the armed people from ex-berkut hired by the previous owners of the company are present on the territory of our ATE and deny abiding by the Court’s decision. According option proposed to investigators the representatives of “Mriya” can now stay in ATE buildings but still raiders do not intend to leave its territory. That much it is fully at variance with the Court’s decision we are forced to be ready to reach such a “compromise” to prevent the further plunder. As it was earlier we still have intention to stand for our rights in the Court and renew the legal ownership in the ATE.

Unable to accept the Court’s decision the “Mriya” representatives continue to talk big words to the wind which are not even proved by any evidence. The bright example of above mentioned can be a statement on the technological equipment state. “A part of technological equipment turned to be damaged and can not move independently. Before the ATE seizure there were placed spare parts to the amount of more than 2 mln USD and also 35 items of technological equipment.”

This is already the second failed attempt of “Mriya” to break into the territory of ATE of another. Thus on August, 10, 2016 the “Mriya” employees tried to force the land owner where the building is situated to sign the protocol on enterprise access. But nothing came of it because the law is stronger than inconsistent wishes of “dreamers” to catch up a better piece.

Note that on July, 1 the real owners got back under the control the territory of operating auto-transport enterprise of “Mriya” located in Khorostkiv, Husiatyn district in Ternopil region but the employees of “Mriya” still are trying to take back the property of another.