On July, 1 approximately at 9 o’clock in the morning 30 men specially hired by raiders management of “Mriya” Agriciutural Holding intrude into the territory of effectual auto-transport enterprise  of the “Flobal Fid” LLC with the use of rough actions located in Khorostkiv of the Husiatyn district in Ternopil region and impede the access into the object for its legitimate owners.

Here at the ‘Global Fid’ LLC has all documents confirming the legitimacy of location and operation of the Company on the premises of above mentioned ATE. In conjunction that the persons who illegally broke into the ATE and deny to get out from it the Company is forced to provide day-and-night reinforced perimeter security service. “Global Fid” representatives also filed the request to law enforcement agencies with all required applications.

“Gllobal Fid” LLC asks the law enforcement agencies to in interfere into the situation and not to permit the illegal takeover of the enterprise.