This year the potatoes harvesting in “Mriya” Agricultural Holding illustrated dramatically the real face of the Company’s management that turned to be rotten and unprofessional one. Thus firstly not taking into account the large areas of potato planting the harvest was bad enough, secondly almost all crops were rotten.

The boasted in the enterprise expensive technological equipment for the harvesting also haven’t helped. The so called crops was harvested by the TECTRON 415 combine machines of the GRIMME company production with the cost value of 600 thousand euro by each of them. And it seems that the crowning achievement of these rather expensive aggregates is just the pretense of video cameras to keep under control the workers actions. Just because after illegal occupy the company management suspects everyone in robbery.

Still taking step back to the crops or better to say failed crops it is worth mentioning that a small amount of potato crops never-the-less was harvested. And all of this was made just thanks to the previous legitimate owners of the Agricultural Holding who were considered to be the leaders in potato production and selection in Ukraine.