The scandalous “Mriya” Agricultural Holding after change of the new management board headed by Simon Cherniavsky nationwidely achieve notoriety by the ATE illegal takeover which belongs to “Global-FID” company placed in Khorostkiv, Ternopil region, also by the “takeover” of 141 units of technological equipment from the Profit-Control enterprise, launder of funds into the off-shores from the company also onto the fly-by-night company and the documents and signatures falsification of their former workers…

It seemed that there can not be lower level of fails but still Simon Cherniavsky and his young Drem-Mriya-team decided to cut their own anti-record on the number and impudence state of crimes relating to the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Now “Mriya” Agricultural Holding got a place of enclave and financier of the Donetsk People’s Republic terrorists in the Western Ukraine…

On August, 15, 2016 the Security Officials of Ukraine made a specially planned operation on arrest of “Vostok” terror operative so called “Donetsk People’s Republic” in Ternopil region.

It was found that Sergiy Sergiyovych Khrustaliov, native-born of Donetsk region, birth year 1985, voluntarily attached himself to the anti-government bandit forces in August, 2014. After passing the relevant training he got the place of the senior mortarman of “Nona” artillery system of the””Vostok” Separate Special Operations Brigade” and was its member till the March, 2016.

SBU investigators documented his participation in a mortar attack position forces of the anti-terrorist operation on the premices of Donetsk airport heroically defended by the Ukrainian military.

Later Sergiy Khrustaliov, the terrorist of Donetsk People’s Republic was recruited by the heads of Mriya Agricultural Holding internal security as a guard and transferred to Western Ukraine apparently to stay away from progressive and careful supervision of the SBU.

But it was not to be. During a joint operation carried out by SBU officers in Zhytomyr and Ternopil regions the militant was detained at the workplace according to the SBU press service.

The interesting fact is that: the Head of “Mriya” Security Service who hired terrorists from the Donetsk People’s Republic is so called Alexander Likhachev, who leaded DCOC police in Donetsk region at the times of Yanukovych. Later that DCOC virtually took the side of Donetsk People’s Republic separatists with a full complement.

Vsevolod Nikrasov, the Deputy of Likhachev, before the war started held the position in Mariupol police service which when the hostilities started also took the side of the invaders and handed them the city.

Let’s put in remembrance that Simon Cherniavsky, the present Mriya Director General has been closely associated with Russian and Donetsk business for a long time including working with ex-regionals Serhiy Tigipko and Rinat Akhmetov, the oligarch who asked “to hear Donbass”  Coincidence? I think not!

So it shall not be surprising if eventually we hear about new Donetsk People’s Republic militants arrests in “Mriya” agricultural enterprises. Who knows how many more terrorists could shelter American of Odessa origin brought up by Russian and Donetsk business.