“MRIYA” Agricultural Holding still can not start the winter crops sowing for 2017 year planting. The larger part of the winter rape planned volume already should have been sowed as at August, 21. But still it could not have been done. Perhaps the problem was in the scandals aureole set around the Agricultural Holding. After all not the new management is so busy more with their own problems and hardly feels anxious about the company’s needs. Alongside with the harvest campaign in the fields of “MRIYA” there should have been made the soil preparation for the rest winter crops the main part of which is the winter corn but unfortunately even now this issue is out of step with the time.

New planting crop for “MRIYA” Agricultural Holding this year should become the winter rye but that became a hard aim to achieve as reported Victor Kukharchuk, the chief operating officer of the Company. “We don’t have plans to introduce any new kinds of rye. Also Victor Kukharchuk noted that the sowing campaign in the Agricultural Holding fields can not pass without difficulties and delays and laid emphasis on the significant deterioration of the works organization.

“MRIYA” plans to complete the winter rape sowing will the October end ut the further plans of “Mriya” are still unknown. Also it seems impossible to complete the harvesting of rareripe grain crops in the fields of Agricultural Holding.