“MRIYA” Agricultural Holding could not accomplish in time grind of rareripe small grain crops such as winter wheat and spring barley. The same situation goes with winter rape harvesting and spring rape plant gathering over the area. For the rareripe planting crops gathering “MRIYA” involved a huge amount of technological equipment bought at the expense of trustful creditors, but still haven’t managed to cope with the assigned task.

Victor Kukharchuk, the chief operating officer of “MRIYA” Agricultural Holding slightly painted in bright colors the first results of the harvest: “According to the crop productivity I would like to summarize that all we planned we failed to gather. This is not a very good index taking into account our heavy disimbursement but still we did our best. Generally speaking I can mention that the area we work in is splendid for absolutely all planting crop types, the only thing is needed to learn to use its advantages what is still difficult for us. For example, virtually all sowing done in widespread method gave us some little harvest in contradistinction from that ones sowed by seeding machines. We will not totally refuse the traditional sowing but have plans to get the number of approximately 70% for distributor machines in the next twenty years. At present the amount of such sowings takes the level of 5-10%. The first and main problem for the Company now is the shortage of funds. We are now solving this issue and for several years we plan to get as much as possible funds into our pockets and after that it will be possible to think about sowing advancing, spraying and crop harvesting”.

Also Victor Kukharchuk pointed out low level of the “Mriya” field works organization during the harvest campaign and underlined that harvesting late planting crop in the Agricultural Holding will be done in the same irresponsible way.

By the way, “MRIYA” Agricultural Holding still haven’t already finished the winter rape sowing in their fields. Moreover about the start of autumn corn sowing is out of the question for now. Also the question of potatoes crop gathering pervaded the air.