“Entered masters” and latifundists does not fit being on our land!” This is the thought expressed by Oleg Barna, people’s deputy from Ternopil region after the community meeting which took place in Chortkiv district.

The matter is that the inhabitants of Shmankivtsi village accuse “Mriya” Agricultural Holding for feeling unwell by reason of chemicals use by farming enterprise.

As earlier the web-site “Ternopoliany” reported, within two days on September 3-4 the plane did spraying of sunflowers from blasts in fields of the village. That process was done with the use of strange chemicals which caused the beginning of children’s illnesses in the village. The farmers told about that fact on the community meeting with the involvement of SESU, Sanitary-Epidemiological Inspectorate and doctors.

“Shmankivtsi village of the Chortkiv district and the neighbourhood were affected by the use of chemical compounds of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding. The chemical pesticides diffusion from aircrafts lead to the plantings damages in the fields of village inhabitants, also there has been observed the toxication and respiratory passages damage in children and adults”, Oleg Barna writes in “Facebook” social network.

According to his version presently all the actions of public individuals will be focused on giving help people as well as evidence gathering and carrying out expert examination for indemnification caused by “Mriya” Agricultural Holding on the people’s heals and damage to their households.

Law enforcement officers also are engaged in the verification of this information and promise to bring guilty parties to responsibility.