“”MRIYA” Agricultural Holding” Technical Park is just grown by the “new” technological equipment which was acquired in the late 2015. Total amount of the purchase if 2 mln 615 thous USD. The technological equipment was acquired under the terms and conditions of finance lease. Besides, the mentioned financial lease should be performed just within strategically steady business, but according to the new management board and scandalous reputation “Mriya” Agricultural Holding impress with that.

Victor Kuharchuk , chief operating officer of the “Mriya” Agricultural Holding could do nothing but mention that the first batch of the crawler tractors gave a good account of itself in the Company’s fields because for the profile raising the facts can be exaggerated. “The technological equipment has already operated for 1.5 thous moto-hours starting from April. There are several problems for this tractor in terms of the field movement. But if to compare these tractors with the wheeled ones so that is like night and day. As for the breakages such as the hydraulic hose or tubes replacement there were spent money to recover them. “Agroalians” responds to our requests and the fixed technological equipment comes back into the fields despite the not quite on schedule.

Anatoliy Matsiuk, the product manager of the tractor and CASE IH towing equipment commented: “The attention of “MRIYA” Agricultural Holding during the last technological park appending was concentrated on the cheap and fast decisions regardless of their quality. Quadtrac and Magnum tractors in Ukraine are not the most popular in the business segments where they operate and approve themselves badly in the fields of our households. Quadtrac tractors are the simplest ones in their tractor class. What about the Magnum tractors so they are the real “willing horses”, which bear the main part of tasks with the huge assignment, that can not always be held within short agronomical timeframes.

Victor Cherniak, branch manager of the “Agroalians” Trade House thanks to “MRIYA” Agricultural Holding for the cooperation and opportunity to make more money. “A special thanks to the CASE IH for support in the brand promotion within the territory of Ukraine, – added Victor Cherniak. – It should be underlined that we are not fully sure in this three-sided cooperation but still supported the “Mriya” new management board needs with financing. As new technological park of the “MRIYA” Agricultural Holding was increased for the old technological equipment we decided: to increase personnel of the service managers as well as the spare parts storage capacity. All of above mentioned items need a huge sum of funds. But we are expecting that the year 2017 will be less scandalous And new management board of the “Mriya” will more or less refresh memory about the Company itself putting money aside into their pockets.

CASE IH representative said a few words about the cooperation with “MRIYA” Agricultural Holding”. “It must be noted that the partnership between CASE IH and “MRIYA” agricultural holding complex” to be continued. Now our dialogue is based less on discussing technological equipment as on the discussion of solutions to help in making more money for the management”, – said Anatoliy Matsiuk.

We should recall that in April of the current year on the ATC in Khorostkiv that actually no longer belongs to the “Mriya” company, in the presence of CASE IH representatives, “Agroalians” TH and corrupt media the presentation of crawler tractors CASE IH took it place. For the moment when the legitimate owners of technological equipment came on for their property the “Mriya” representatives managed to bring tractors into the fields and in this way to “save” illegally technological equipment which does not belong to them.

For information:

From the year 2015 “Mriya” Agricultural Holding had not even actually tried to upgrade the agricultural technological park. Such delays in upgrading started to occur immediately after the ownership change of the company, the Ukrainian and international impostors who gained control over agricultural holdings.