“Mriya” Agricultural Holding lost the conclusive court session with “Profit-Control” LLC. Court of Appeal in Kyiv deliver a judgement in favor of “Profit-Control” LLC and remove an attachment from agricultural technological equipment which belongs to the enterprise.


«At last the Court of Appeal delivered the equitable judgment and destroyed the juridically cozzers scheme of the property “commandeering” which was in the usage of agro-raiders for many years,» says Dmytro Babinchuk, the Director of “Profit-Control” LLC.

It should be put in remembrance that earlier the scandal ran high in mass media. Notwithstanding the judicial arrest and the liability to keep the technological equipment “Mriya” Agricultural Holding moved it for different addresses and used actively in the fields.

The worker of “Mriya-lease” LLC (which is the part of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding)  Stepan Antonyshyn, who is in charge of keeping safe the transfered technique, confirmed the fact of its illegal useby the Agricultural Holding.

Previously workers of the local media, farmers and public activists became eyewitnesses of illegal transferring of technological equipment by tractor operators of Agricultural Holding and its usage at own purposes in the fields.

Presently the criminal proceedings opened against the responsible parties.