“Mriya” Agricultural Holding lost the conclusive court session with “Global-Fid” LLC. Court of Appeal in Kyiv deliver a judgement in favor of “Global-Fid” LLC and remove an attachment from service and office buildings and constructions as well as return their land plot to the legitimate land holders.

“The Court delivered the judgment which acutely clears up the situation. “Wolves in sheep’s clothing” who call themselves as “victims” turned to be trivial agro-raiders. And their big “dream” to steamroll smaller companies hasn’t come true” – says Taras Didyk, the Director of “Global-FID” LLC.



It should be put in remembrance that earlier the scandal ran high in mass media. In Khorostkiv, Ternopil region from the side of a group of armed young people of sporty appearance acting in the interests of “Mriya had a place the raider attack for the motor transport enterprise of the “Global-FID” possession.

The sham rental contract was signed by Agricultural Holding representatives with the ATE former owner behind the back of the legitimate owner. The person who supposedly signed the contract as from the side of “Mriya” was Mykhailo Khmil, early fired worker of the Agricultural Holding. The man says categorically that his signature on the document was fabricated apparently for the convenience of infamous Agricultural Holding.

“When the new management board headed by Simon Cherniavsky came I was not just only fired and actually thrown out on the street, now it turned out that forged documents I seen the first time were signed on my behalf. Document is signed apparently by other, not my signature, and in the city where the present contract was concluded, Husiatyn, I have never been to…,» – affirms the former worker of “Mriya” in the video interview.

Afterwards the management of “Mriya” illegally claimed to use of the property of another making reference to the above mentioned foredated sham contract. And after the owners opposition the management tried to capture it in the forceful manner.

Presently the criminal proceedingis opened against the responsible parties.