“Agricultural Holding “Mriya”” has got the third trench in the amount of 5 mln USD this year for the entranting of the off-shore accounts. As it was earlier, the financial backing was provided by the current naive bondholders of the Company. The funds will allow to implement all plans of the general management board in full size. Particularly, one part of the funds amount will be focused on the off-shore accounts in form of the program payment for the “MRIYA” technological park reconstruction.

“By virtue of the ongoing support of the trustful bondholders the Company can perform its operative business till the end of the year 2016 on normal operating mode. Generally speaking during the current year we have got 45 mln USD of the capital, by means of which 100% of management board requirements were supplied” – mentioned Ton Hulls, financial director of the “Mriya” Agricultural Holding. In total starting from June, 2015 creditors and bondholders of the “Mriya” Agricultural Holding had given 77 mln USD to meet financial needs of the Holding management board.