The famous “Mriya” Agricultural Holding is in the midst of scandal again.

In the Commercial Court of Ternopil had a place the already second court session according the debt gaining from 68 companies forming a part of  “Mriya” Agricultural Holding for the received funds.

On December, 16 in the Commercial Court of Ternopil had a place the court session according the debt gaining from 68 companies forming a part of  “Mriya” Agricultural Holding for the received funds.

The “Mriya” creditors namely the London bank “B.N.Y Mellon Corporate Trust Services Ltd.” and other pursue in court now to the new “Mriya” Agricultural Holding management in person of Simon Cherniavsky and demanded to refund them back almost 5 bln UAH…

The claimed amount of 15 bln UAHwhich is 3 times more than Ternopil region budget where the present Judicial process goes is resonant and unprecedented itself.

But notwithstanding the record-breaking claim amount, that event was clearly tried to be hidden from the media and public attention.

The “Mriya” Agricultural Holding representatives started be notably nervous seeing journalists and public activists in the court room.

Video from the court session:

There were also very strange, harmonious, peaceful and almost simultaneous actions of other participants of the trial already during the session.

The journalists and representatives of NGOs present in the hall seemed that both parties of such a secret judicial process are actually the one Party. And all the actions taken up in the Court room are those ones which goes for admittedly planned and coordinated scenario.

So the investigative reporters showed the interest about the biography and judicial cases of the Judicial process participants.

And one very suspicious fact became clear: lawyers representing the creditors (plaintiffs) interests work at the AVELUM legal company which is the company that always represents the most respondents interests named “Mriya” agricultural holding!!!

Particularly, Dmytro Marchukov, the head of the AVELUM legal company practice, represented the interests of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding (defendant) and Sergiy Uvarov, his office colleague represents the Mriya Creditors who are the plaintiffs in the current lawsuit… This is a certain kind of so called “closed-door deal”.

So now it doesn’t look so strange that almost “in the same breath” the representatives of plaintiff as well as defendants (Mriya Agricultural Holding) asked the Judge to continue the court session “behind closed doors”.

The result of such a well[performed judicial play in the Ternopil Commercial Court is the rendering of decision with the record-breaking amount of money of 15 bln UAH for just 3 court sessions….

Thus after analyzing of this apparently crooked story the reasonable questions come into the mind:

  1. Why was the Ternopil city chosen to be a “juridical battle-field” as the agricultural holding “Mriya” is a nation-wide company with numerous representative offices all over Ukraine?
  2. How can be explained the fact tha the attorneys of the both parties (prosecutor and defendant) on this case are employees of the same law office? Does the conflict of interests or conspiration has some place in such a situation?
  3. How couldthe Court investigate all the circumstances in this particular case and adopt the decision just for the 3 sessions?
  4. Why do both parties on this case with one accord interceded to hold the court which had the subject of 15 billion hryvnia (!)behind the closed doors and what was tried to be hidden from the public ?