Agricultural holding “Mriya” of Simon Cherniavsky forged signatures on land lease agreements for more than 350 farmers


“Mriya” of Simon Cherniavsky forged signatures on land lease agreements for more than 350 farmers

In Ternopil region farmers got into the true real servitude.

According to residents of villages Krohulets and Novyi Nyzhbirok as far back as in 2001, they entered into lease agreements on their own land shares with the Agricultural Holding “Mriya” for 5 year duration.

But recently it turned out that the new management of the Agricultural Holding headed by Simon Cherniavsky re-registered lease agreements for the 10 year term without the knowledge of the shares owners by instrumentality of the fictitious signatures.

Shareholders outraged by abused discretion of the Agricultural Holding appealed to the Head of their village for help:

“We strongly asked Agricultural Holding “Mriya” for agreements copies and noticed that signatures of the village residents were fabricated. People first wanted to hear the reasonings from the “Mriya” representatives but nobody had talked to people. Now shareholders bring cases before the court on a massive scale”- explains Vasyl Anhelyuk, the Krohulets village Headman.

Ofended farmers now decided to sue with the “Mriya” Agricultural Holding. As of today there have already been registered 12 cases of land lease agreements cancellation in the Husiatyn district court.

One of these court sessions was attended by more than 50 farmers in order to encourage their fellow villager. But the representatives of Agricultural Holding “Mriya” still didn’t appear in the court room…

And this is not a surprising fact as the “Mriya” now has regular court sessions not only with the farmers-shareholders, but also with banks which have invested mad amounts of money in the agricultural holding.

However despite the “Mriya” defendants absence the court session still was held.

“There exists a land agreement, which wasn’t signed by the defendant represented by me. But “Mriya” Agricultural Holding get profits from the land plot without authorization. In other words the shareholders agreed upon the land agreement for the term of 5 years, but it turned out that they registered the agreement for the term of 10 years” – reported Mariana Tataryn, the defendant of Vasyl Germak.

Vasyl Germak.

To reveal the truth Vasyl German together with the defendant petitioned for a judicial expert handwriting analysis.  However the lawyers of “Mriya” sent a written objection…
Consequently the Court still came over to people’s side and сommissioned an expert assessment of Vasyl Germak signature. Although even with the naked eye can be seen that signatures in the agreements are fabricated.

As it turned out there are hundreds of such deceived farmers as Vasyl German. There are 90 people just in Krohulets village and even 260 people in Novyi Nyzhbirok…

Deceived villagers also appealed to law enforcement agencies. The police has now opened criminal proceedings on the fact of mass forgery of signatures by workers of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding.