New management board of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding shocked the Ukrainian agrarians and farmers one more time: the crop for amount of more than 60 million UAH just had rotten in the ground…

In February, 2015, Simon Cherniavskyi was assigned on the position of Chief Executive Officer of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding by its new owners.

Just after having moved from the temporarily invaded territories the former senior executive officer of R. Akhmetov and his team actively started running household in the Western Ukraine but truth be told they still use their habits and rules of running business in “Donetsk style”. Local villagers and subcontractor partners met the “Donetsk guests” with a little distrust and as it turned out later they was right about:
just because during the last 2 years after management board change a big and stable agro company in the past became de-facto the shelter for raiders and corrupted financial moguls.

In the certain moment after serius of juicy scandals with agricultural technological equipment pressing-out by the ways of raiers’ attacks on the auto-motor enterprises in Ternopil region,withdrawal to the firms within the stage of bankruptcyvillages residents poisoning with the hazardous chemicals and giving the job position in security service for the “Donetsk People’s Republic” former armed insurgent, and it seemed that there can not be lower level of fails.

But it is likely that Simon Cherniavskyi decided to “break the bottom” to the reputation which was damaged much earlier.

Now in Ternopil region the shareholder harmers actually are driven to the real servitude making them farm out their own land allotments at disposal of the off-shore company incorporated in Cyprus with the authorized capital stock of 35 USD …

The villagers agreed and accepted such conditions are awarded a bonus (of course without any documentation) in the amount 2,000 UAHby the Agricultural Holding. But the shareholders who refused to transfer in trust their own land to the doubtful off-shore company are demonstratively punished.

In such a way more than 150 Krohulets and Novyi Nyzhbirok village inhabitants (in Ternopil region) got wise with terror that their land lease agreements with Agricultural Holding were extended till the year 2025 without their knowledge or consent and their signatures in agreements with “Mriya” were fabricated….

So what would be the next step of Agricultural Holding management board for the deprived agricultural technological equipment and land plots of the farmers?

The following step is that “Mriya” Agricultural Holding hastily sets out more that 500 hectare of potatoes in Husiatyn district of Ternopil region, exactly between Vasylkivtsi and Tovste villages. But it just “forgets” to get the crops…

It will not be difficult to calculate how much have the “Mriya” crisis managers lost due to their own wastefulness: just the one hectare of potatoes may be materialized in the amount of 120 thousand UAH.

Consequently the Agricultural Holding “experts” literally “buried” approximately 60 mln UAH… And that was the amount of money not taking into account the funds thrown at potato crops which is calculated as 1.5 mln UAH of direct and irretrievable expenses.

Here comes a logical question: why there was a need to grab hold of the agricultural technological equipment from entrepreneurs as well as land shares from the farmers, to plow and plant potatoes rapidly, spend considerable funds for such work and than leave more than 500 hectares of the new crop to rot under the snow cover?

The experts from agricultural market can explaine such a wastefulness in a simple manner: “Mriya” is deliberately being brought in debt and drive it into bankruptcy for the purpose of further reselling of the Agricultural Holding numerous active assets with Ukrainian black humum earth considered to be the most valuable one.

It seems that S. Cherniavskyi decided “to bury” not just the crop with total value of 60 mln UAH but also the very “Mriya” taking also with it the belief into the perspective in Ukrainian village.