Tell us, please, if it it possible to imagine that in European civilized country the Deputy of Ministry of Justice conducts informal meetings and later even press conferences with representative of the business entity who in consequence of doubtful decision of the same Ministry has got the active assets to the amount of more than 10 000 000 USD with the only “stroke of the pen”? Everything is possible in Ukraine!

Pavlo Moroz (to the left in the picture), the Deputy Attorney General and at the same time the Chairman of the Committee regarding complaint investigation in the field of official registration. Alongside of him is Sergiy Ignatovsky, the lawyer of notorious “Mriya” Agricultural Holding.

Ignatovsky is famous for providing decisions in the Courts in favor of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding and also solve other “specific” tasks on obtaining control over the disputable assets getting into the area of interest of agro-giant. What exactly can unite Deputy Attorney General and the lawyer from Agricultural Holding having doubtful reputation?

Ministry of Justice Committee adopt the decision in favor of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding in the term of 2 weeks having re-registered in the State Register rights for 13 companies of small and medium-sized businesses which until fairly recently were in successful operation in the Western Ukraine for the benefit of agricultural holding apparently having become coveted prize for a big FIG (financial-industrial group).

Scheme for the enterprise owners change is tritely simple: any “Plaintiff” (individual or entity), can file a complain to the Ministry of Justice Committee,  where mr. Moroz and his inferiors  in a period of 45 days are entitled to decide upon the “Illegality of the Public Registrar actions, and later also independently abolish/delete data on Private property registration in the system of the State Register and then re-register all of the above mentioned property in favor of the “Plaintiff”…

Investigative reporters take out documents directly confirming the illegal actions of Committee members resulting the obtaining for their food friends from “Mriya” at their disposal the property of above mentioned affected companies:

As the Table shows the Plaintiff and Acquirer (new owner) are widely different legal bodies!

Consequently the Committee regarding complaint investigation in the field of official registration have re-registered legal ownership in the State Register not even for the Plaintiff, as it can be made by law but for the unauthorized 3-d parties…

The civil servants handled Complaints quite in a hurry: in a period of just 16 days (but not 45 as it is stated by law) the Ministry of Justice Committee deprives of the equity rights and property the owners of thirteen firms for the convenience of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding…

In such a case the “lesser mortals” who don’t attend the conferences of Pavlo Moroz can wait for many years for answers of the civil servants’ from his Committee against the illegal actions of the notaries, which unfortunately also have place in Ukraine.

And this can not be surprising just because the pockets of the majority of common Ukrainians for now are totally empty. But to be able to afford the “pocket justice” and winning cases can be reality just for that ones whose pockets are full.