In Kozov, Ternopil region, the local ATE was seized by attackers.
Nearly 30 armed people wearing sport clothes broke into the enterprise territory, stand out the ATE securities using the force methods, picked off the locks from the enterprise doors and gates and blocked the entry with mini-bus. ATE in Kozov is in the possession of “Rockmar” firm as a private property. The lawyers of the indicated company urgently came to Kozov to find out who is in charge for the raider attacks. As it turned out the qualified raiders came into the Ternopil region from Kharkiv city.

The unidentified men along with them had xero copies of doubtful documents of so-called extract from the property State Register. On request of Oleksandr Matsievskyi, the Head of Directorate of National Police Head Department in Ternopil region the atrackers refused to provide these documents with arguments that they already showed these documents to someone of law enforcement officers. But they failed to call who is that very person.

As it turned out later a copy of extracts from the property State Register the raiders received a copy of extracts from the property State Register from the “Novoahrus” company which in turn is a part of the “Mriya” Agricultural Holding.

Such copies are made by newly created Committee of the Ministry of Justice the members of which decided that the best way to cope with the raiders attacks is to head this very process…

So what was the motivating cake for the newly created Committee of the Ministry of Justice when it was providing the attackers with such documents having doubtful legitimacy is no prize for guessing.

After all the legitimate owners have in presence all original property rights founding documents for the whole complex of ATE which are the original purchase and sales contract and the most important which is still operating land lease agreement concluded with the Kozov village council for a period of 49 years.

For raiders attacks to have success the “Mriya” Agricultural Holding secured itself against hiring professional raiders attackers from the East which earlier were a part of the Kharkiv “Oplot” terroristic group.

The raiders came for “challenge” taking with them a lot of firearms and bladed weapons.
Journalists recorded on camera at least 6 units of guns hidden in sports and cover bags. How many more items were hidden in trunk of cars having Kharkiv numbers can only be guessed.
But interesting question is why the former attackers of “Oplot” terroristic group are out of prison and how were they able to move freely from Kharkiv to Ternopil (which is about 900 km!) with trunks filled with firearms and what was the police of Ternopil region watching at?

Can the police and raiders play at the same side? It seems yes just because the police who came to the place of event after consulting with the “management” by phone answered the legitimate owners the following words: “I don’t need this, nobody and nothing is here”… In other case the raiders would never act so freely and impudently!

So it seems that the business owners stayed face to face with the armed separatists attackers and the police officers who cover their deals… The third year of war was going on…