The first time in Ukraine farmers won the case against “Mriya”, a large Agricultural Holding.

Despite the efforts of lawyers from “Mriya” somehow to delay the trials Themis still sided with the people. It should be put in remembrance that a year before, the residents of Krohulets and Novyi Nyzhbirok villages decided to pursue in court against Agricultural Holding. The reason for lawsuit was that the vast majority of the land lease agreements in these villages were proved to be fabricated. The farmers signed the lease agreements with the company for a period of 5 years. And then it was found out that their signatures were fabricated and the agreements were extended for the term of 10 years. 12 of such cases are presently in courts and one of which has already been won. For two more cases there were already provided expert opinions that people real signatures were forged. However the management of “Mriya” stubbornly did not want to recognize such a fact to have place.

In the village the people are happy that finally get rid of slavery and oppression of Simon Cherniavsky. “It is very good that Simon Cherniavsky will no longer use our land. We can manage it and are going to handle it by ourselves,”- says Zenoviy Bratak, a resident of Krohulets village. The farmers say that they even don’t want to meet such a foreigner and businessman. They just have the hopes that their lands will be as fertile as it were before the “ruling the roost” of “Mriya”.

The lawyers still say that according to the decision of Husiatyn court the “Mriya” cluster management shall immediately give back a land plot in nature and regardless of whether there were anything sown. People are adding that they will not wait until the end of harvest season just because it is their property and they are allowed to work with it in the way they want. In case if the “Mriya” will not give lands back, then they will struggle for it day and night time with pitchfork in their hands but will not allow strangers to use it.