A conflict between the local farmers and the representatives of “Legion” Security Firm, who were hired by “Mriya” to seize illegally the people’s land plots, again took place in Gorodnytsia village of the Husiatyn district. The conflict events started in Gorodnytsia village some weeks before. The lease terms for several tens of shares expired this year on May, 10. Local people starting from November of the previous year both orally and in writing warned the “Mriya” Agricultural Holding management board that they have no any intention to extend the lease agreements for these land shares.  As soon as the lease period was ended people gave their land shares to another farmer and there was already sowed sunflower.

But “Mriya” without having any legal grounds to use these plots of arable land decided at night under false pretence to plow again the fields and make sowing. At hat time people come outside having earthforks and shovels in their hands and none the less managed to prevent the tractors to drive on their shares. But today the same situation emerged again. In order to seize the land plots “Mriya” brought dozens of Kharkiv young men from the “Legion” to Gorodnytsia village. Yes, the same “Legion” Firm which was repeatedly lit this year in raider seizure of the ATU territory in Kozova and Shumskaya lands near the Potutoriv village. There was also a scandal when the Kharkiv “thugs” beat Oleksand Pochynok, the ATO soldier who was also a sports master of biathlon. The police meanwhile promised to examine this conflict and bring armed people out from Kharkiv as well as outside the region but failed to keep their promices. Obviously the Ternopil police helps and provides a crime-sponsored cover to the “Legion” Security Firm and Olexander Bogomol, the head of the National Police Department in Ternopil region is also struggling to support “Mriya” in every possible way.

In order to gain back their lands the farmers called ATO veterans from the whole Husiatyn district.

Residents of Gorodnytsia village strongly object to their land be cultivated by “Mriya” headed by Simon Cherniavsky. “We had not entered into any agreement with Simon Cherniavsky, who represents the new management board  of “Mriya”. According to the available documents the lease term ends on May 10. They did not sow anything on that land until that time. And when the agreements were expired they decided to remind about us,”- says Ms. Lyuba, the resident of Gorodnitsa village.

People have been unhappy for a long time with the work of the Agricultural Holding as well as the attitude to the ordinary farmers. “Different people from “Mriya”came to the village for several times and we repeated them not the once to raise the rent for better land shares cultivating because we expected them to take the advantages of our land and leave and after such a land treatment we can not grow anything on it.
But they just answered like well, ok, we will take your comments into account… and that was everything they did, what meant neither hearing nor spirit!”- tells Mrs. Tatiana.

In addition the farmers say that “Mriya” does not hold their words. “Last week there was a representative from Simon as well as a representative from the farmers of Gorodnytsia village, and they agreed that people whose agreements have the expired lease term will cultivate one total area and “Mriya” will cultivate the land upon the agreements in which the term of the lease is still ongoing. However today Kharkiv young men came again with a truck of sticks and are going to establish the boundaries of land shares. So how can it be called, like it’s not okay to handle it and neither give it to others,” – adds Ms. Lyuba.

In the end the “Legion” left the field of Gorodnytsia village under the onslaught of the farmers. However, the farmers expect that Kharkiv fighters of “Mriya” can return back. In order to save already sown plots of arable land the inhabitants of Gorodnytsia village organized a constant attendance around the fields.