After the reform about Police abuse of power in the streets we hear more and more often.

Also in the media we see much greater number of the new titles which say one policemen took the bribes, the other one was captured by law enforcement officers for sales of the illegal alcohol. And that is not the very surprising fact as the reform in Ukraine just gave the push for title change in the sign plate. But the schemes of the illegal cash trafficking, huge bribes, covering of illegal quarries, managing of the gambling establishments under sign plates the “National Lottery”, “Sportloto”, so everything remained “as before.” And each new milice chief officer (hereinafter you can see as the police), who was appointed from above then just sat down to manage these schemes.

Oleksandr Bohomol, the Head of the GU State Police in Ternopil region is not the exception. Perhaps just insignificant from “former ones” he takes less, but he also tries to “decide” less. Mr. Alexander is very careful man and in case if something or somebody throws a shadow on his name he prefers better to abdicate rather to be spattered.

That was the case what happened in Shumskyi district on February 6, 2016, namely the road traffic accident (RTI). At that time the driver from Brykiv village drive into collision with a cyclist. The man died at the scene having left the wife and four children

The RTI initiator tried to escape but when was detained by the farmers he seemed to be very brave saying that he would not have anything to do after the accident and that the cyclist jumped up under a minibus himself.

The driver who caused the road accident also said that his was a close relative of the very Alexander Bogomol and that the Head of Regional Police Department would help him avoid the punishment. The story lasted for almost a month till the time Bogomol appointed the press conference and confirmed to journalists that he really originally came from the Brykiv village and “that persons from almost a half of the village concluded his family, but he did not remember such a man (the initiator of the RTI)@…

And recently the Ternopil Police again as well as its senior officials “lit up their names” in another loud road accident (RTI). The SUV at high speed crashed into a passenger foreign car on a highway leading from Velyka Berezovytsia to Ternopil. The stroke was so strong that the entire bumper panel ran out of the Ranger Rover car. Jeep stopped just a kilometer after from the accident.  From behind the wheel Andriy Krisovatyi came out, the rector of the Ternopil National Economic University who according to eyewitnesses was so drunk that his coming out was better to call crawling out.

Although there exist a lot of photos in which it is clearly seen that the Head of the University sat behind the driver’s seat, the Police only said that they would search for the initiator of the accident. And already after a week Oleksandr Bogomol reported that the son of Krisovatyi appeared to the Police department and took all the blame on himself. It’s should be added that it was that man Krisovatyi who was seen driving the Ranger Rover car that day. Along with other well-known people, he was having fun outside the city at the so-called “Agrarian Party” congress. However the Chief of Police has decided not to emphasize that he will find the details in this accident till its end and establish who actually was guilty in the accident and whether the initiator of the road accident was drunk. He just announced that the son of Andrei Krisovatyi takes the blame upon himself. It makes be wonder who prompted the rector to avoid liability using such avoidance scheme? Such things could only be told by an experienced law enforcement officer.

As for Oleksandr Bogomol’s property so his family has in its posession two apartments. This property is specified in two declarations for the 2015 and 2016 years. But as for the declaration drawn in 2014, there is no one apartment indicated in it, although the legal ownership right was gained by Oleksandr Bogomol in the year 2013. And in accordance with the law he would have to insert this property into the declaration but for some reason he didn’t…