On Monday, December, 4th the meeting of the Ministry of Justice on registration issues took place.

The notorious “Mriya” Agricultural Holding’s complaint against the company “AK Zernodar” LLC was considered.

It is better to remind that the Commission’s complaints about registration at the Justice Ministry have already made a bad reputation in the media community.

For example, Pavlo Moroz, the former Deputy Minister for State Registration issues, whom the entrepreneur from Khmelnytskyi was mentioned was dismissed on July 4, according to his application.  However, according to the newspaper Narodna Pravda, the Commission under Mr. Moroz’s direction was precisely engaged in the fact of taking independent decisions to cancel or withdraw registration of certain data from state register records, in particular those related to one or another property’s leases or ownership rights.

However, on December 16, 2016, under the leadership of Pavel Moroz, the Commission issued five such decisions in favor of the large “Mriya” Agricultural Holding, which resulted in the rights violation of 13 small and medium-sized businesses.

Today the new head of the commission is Mr. Haiduk, but the problems are still the same, that are disputes between the large Agricultural Holding and small companies which still continue.

Which side will the commission choose to take now?

On December 4 the issue of dispute between the “AK Zernodar” LLC and “Mriya” Agricultural Holding was considered in Tovstenke village of Chortkiv district, Ternopil region.

As in the times of Pavel Moroz, the preceding head of the Commission’s complaints about registration at the Justice Ministry, the “respondent” was not sent the complaint by mail nor was the date of the meeting informed. In result the “AK Zernodar” company and its representative failed to prepare a written response and had to give only oral explanations at the meeting of the commission.

According to Julia Uvarova, the representative of “AK Zernodar”, now at the time of its decision making, the commission will use only the written complaint of “Mriya” but still without the answer to the case and the position of the other party into the process.

«We learned about it literally a few hours before the meeting from the web-site. There was no message», – says the representative.

Consequently the comission was breaking the law and made the “AK Zernodar” firm and its representative of legal right to provide their objections.

According to our sources the failure to report the causes of the call and text of the complaint itself is a kind of typical technique for putting the parties in an uneven position. Now the commission and the Ministry of Justice will have the opportunity to make decisions based on the only one document which is the complaints of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding. Simply because the other party was put under conditions when was not able to submit its legal arguments.

But why did such a confrontation arise?

The fact is that the shares owners of the Tovstenkivska village council, who had agreements with “Mriya” Agricultural Holding decided not to continue their economic relations with Simon Cherniavsky (the general director of Agricultural Holding) and to conclude new agreements with another farming enterprise starting on the date of 2019. That is namely the mentioned above “AK Zernodar” company?

The reason for such a decision was the repeated use of the “Mriya” thugs actions in particular those from Kharkiv (“Legion” security firm), who intimidated peasant shareholders and forced them to give land under the lease to Agricultural Holding meeting non-market conditions.

Therefore when another farming enterprise which was “AK Zernodar “offered” better conditions for them the farmers agreed.

But “Mriya” did not want to give up. And decided to appeal the registrar’s decision. The formal reason is that contracts can not be concluded in advance since the registrar’s decision comes into effect immediately after the registration.

So instead of the offering favorable conditions for farmers the Agricultural Holding uses raider methods which are involving thugs and corrupt officials at the Ministry of Justice to address the issues with defenseless farmers.

But all the secrets sooner or later are exposed. The country has already taken a course to clean up the powers from corrupt officials.

So Mr. Haiduk, the same new head of the Commission’s complaints about registration at the Justice Ministry, can expect a much worse end than had his predecessor.