At night on January 17, non-indifferent activists noticed that one of the tractors owned by the “Mriya” Agricultural Holding was outrunning the trailer of “Bergmann”firm. As it turned out later it was one of the grain loader which in early beginning of autumn 2017 had been arrested by NABU detectives. How could the situation went in that direction that the arrested technological equipment now freely travels through the roads of Ternopil region without the permission of NABU staff and who will be the person responsible for this fact, – refer to the article for details.

More that 100 units of agricultural technological equipment was arrested by NABU detectives in Pysarivka village near Vinnytsia. The law enforcement officers of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine have confiscated the technological equipment in execution of the order of V.V. Bobrovnyk, the investigating judge of the Solomyansky District Court, in  Kyiv. According to the protocol concluded by Andrey Vasilyevich Lehin, NABU detective, the technological equipment is transferred under safe custody of the specified person. Mykola Galushka got to be responsible personally for more than 100 units of expensive equipment a certain representative of “Mriya Lease” LLP.

But the law enforcement officers didn’t take into account that Mr. Mykola was a party of interest. He worked and even now still works in “Mriya” Agricultural Holding under the direction of general manager Simon Cherniavsky. We are not aware what kind of thought did those NABU detectives have and why before the technological equipment transferring to this man for the safe custody he was not checked about the involvement in the business of “Mriya” Agricultural Holding.

The “Mriya” Agricultural Holding workers tried illegally transfer one of the arrested grain loaders to Khorostkiv. Although according to the withdrawal protocol signed by the NABU detectives, all equipment should be located in 4 specially designated parking areas, the two of which are located in the Ternopil region, namely: in Kozova and Velyki Birky village, and one more in Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi region.  But not anywhere near the Khorostkiv or elsewhere. Moreover the arrested technological equipment was not allowed to be transported from one place to another. Confirmatory documents were provided to our editorial by the representatives of the territory owner where the searches were made by NABU detectives.


The activists immediately called the police officers at the scene of the accident to ensure that law enforcement officers to document the fact of violation. The police officers found that the “Bergmann” grain loader having the corresponding serial number was really on the list of confiscated by detectives NABU technological equipment.

The Agricultural Holding representatives failed to explain why the trailer turned out to be on the road at the night time. Still on the contrary, they were tried to find excuses that they did not know whose that technological equipment was.

Finally the policemen seized the trailer and placed it on a car pound in Gusyatyn Police Department.

However the story with the arrested technological equipment did not come to its end. As it turned out 6 of those semi-trailers and a few harvesters were located in Dobrovody village, Monastyrsky district.

All these property is arrested by NABU detectives and again transferred to Mykola Galushko for the safe custody. These technological equipment should also be kept on certain specified areas. However, for some reason it was stored on one of the ATE, which was leased by the “Mriya” Agricultural Holding. Moreover, as the employees of this enterprise guarding the territory told us, both the loaders and harvesters constantly worked in the fields.

The National Police officers of Monastic Department recorded all violations and drafted the relevant protocol. Now the thing that just remains as an open question is following: how could the technological equipment which officials of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine transferred under safe custody were able to be freely moved through the roads of Ternopil region. And according to the “Mriya” workers were also worked in the fields.  And more than that how could it not to be stored in the place that was provided in the protocol by the mentioned employees of the NABU themselves.

If the law enforcement officers prove violation fact of the search protocol in Vinnytsia, then the person in charge for the storage of technological equipment will get a criminal offense. Mykola Galushka has violated norms of the article 388 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, in particular the 1st part of the indicated article — the illegal actions against property which is under attachment, pledged property or property that was condemned or subjected to confiscation. Mr. Nicholas is to be fined in the amount of 176 200 hryvnia or correctional labor for the term up to two years or the liberty restraint for the same term.  The NABU detectives’ actions in this particular case prove the irresponsibility with which they were involved into the case included into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations. The technological equipment which should be kept in the arrest area by virtue of law were used in the fields. Why did not they protect the technological equipment as it had to be by virtue of law, why the detectives did not check whether the equipment was in specified areas at least once a month?

Obviously there is a certain interest of the law enforcement system, even that one which tend to be such an independent and “no-bribe one” as NABU in this certain case.