Recently, the large enterprises made it popular to boast with own results and achievements. At the beginning of this year, the management of “Mriya” Agroholding began to actively distribute information on how they try to help communities and villagers, where it seems that they rent the land for cultivation. In their reports, the managers of “Mriya” tirelessly stated really shocking figures. Allegedly in 2017, the agroholding company spent more than UAH 20 million on social initiatives. But if it so in fact: this can be told by ordinary peasants who have leased their shares to this enterprise. The charitable initiatives and projects by Agroholding “Mriya” are known first-hand in the villages of Krohulets and Nyzhbirok of Husyatyn district. The peasants say that the last year, the employees of “Mriya” travelled through the settlements and repeatedly blackmailed people. Entrepreneurs from “Mriya” wanted people to continue with the land lease agreements. For such a service, the peasants were offered to increase the rent per share: from a ton of grain to a ton and 200 kilograms. A small part of the peasants agreed to such a proposal. However, more than half of the landlords rejected it, and eventually received the long litigation that continues until now. Agroholding “Mriya” showed its so-called charity in the village of Horodnytsya of Husyatyn district. In 2016, the figure of the Mother of God was erected here.

And already in the spring of 2017, “Mriya” tricked ordinary peasants with own security company with the devil’s name “Legion”.

For several weeks, the peasants fought against raiders, who wanted to destroy crops in the village shares. On the night of April 25-26, “Mriya” started its tractors on the fields of the villagers. People in these areas have already sown the sunflower, but an agro businessman Chernyavskyi has its own plans: just in the middle of the night, he wanted to plant fields with the soy. Local people stood as a living wall and threatened to fall under the technique. Peasants categorically asserted that they have no desire to cooperate with the agriholding “Mriya”.

Last year, the charity fund “Mriya” remembered about the soldiers and warriors of ATO. Simon Chernyavskyi proudly distributed special medical backpacks to the Ternopil artillery brigade. Although the visiting “lord” kept quiet silence that this year his hired guards who had to punish the peasants, have brutally beaten the ATO veteran. And a few months after this event, Simon himself expressed his opinion about the Ternopil ATO fighters. “It is indifferent for me, let the blood shed”, that is how Chernyavskyi commented the situation in Kozova, when the dozens of ATO veterans came to protect against raiders of private enterprise. Of course, it is better to first beat up to half-dead, to intimidate, and then give medical backpacks to the needs of the ATO.

But let’s get back to the main: “Mriya” reported that it has allocated more than 20 million hryvnia for social needs – repairs of roads, houses of culture, rural clubs. For someone, this figure is really impressive. However, if you analyze in detail where the money went, it turns out that the famous agroholding is throwing bones.

According to the answer by SE “Ukravtodor” for information request, in order to make a major renovation of 1 km of the rural road, you need to spend about 5 million hryvnia. And to carry out the current repair at 1 km of roads you need 1 million UAH 150 thousand. So what happens? “Mriya” repaired only 20 kilometers of roads currently, or 4 kilometers of the road capital?

And did someone ask them how many roads these agro-industrialists destroyed during the reign of Simon Chernyavskyi? It is definitely not several kilometers, but dozens; and not only rural roads, but also the roads of state importance!